Welcome to Arora Allergy Asthma & Chest Care Clinic
Welcome to Arora Allergy Asthma & Chest Care Clinic

Our Specialities

Allergy / Asthma
Lung Cancer
TB (All Types)
Smoking Cessation
Interstitial Lung Diseases
Chronic Cough / Colds
Pleural Effusion / Empyema

Our Expertise

Allergy Testing
Computerised Spirometry
Broncoscopy & Thoracoscopy
Ultrasound / CT Guided Lung FNAC / Biopsy
Vaccination for Respiratory Diseases
All Kinds of Diagnostic Facilities Available

Arora Allergy Asthma and Chest Care Clinic is a dedicated centre for the management of all kinds of Respiratory Problems. It provides the best treatment plan for Allergy, Asthma, Critical care Management Decisions and other Chest Diseases.

We provide Treatment Plans and Management by doctors trained from Apex Pulmonary Institutes of the country, all under one roof.

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